The VA considers scarring to be “a change in the skin that results from injury or disease.” It can be caused by burns, cuts, punctures, or surgeries. The VA also considers scars that result from acne, chickenpox, and insect bites.

VA Disability for Scaring

Scaring is rated by its severity. The VA uses a system called the Functional Rating Scale (FRS) to rate scars. Each scar has three separate ratings: a cosmetic rating, an impairment rating, and a limitation of function rating. The cosmetic rating includes how much the scar affects your appearance and how it affects social interactions with others. The impairment rating measures how much the scar interferes with daily activities like bathing or dressing yourself. And finally, the limitation of function rating measures how much your scar limits activity like walking or lifting heavy objects.

Increase Your VA Disability Rating For Scaring

There are many ways to increase a VA disability rating for scars:

  • using evidence from previous evaluations;
  • using evidence from other people who have similar injuries;
  • using evidence from photos taken before and after surgery;
  • providing detailed descriptions of scars.

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