Knee Problems

The VA’s definition of knee pain is that it is pain that occurs in or around the knee, and can be acute or chronic.

VA Disability for Knee Conditions

For knee pain rated by the VA, the rating is based on what level of pain you have experienced and how often you have experienced this pain. The VA uses a scale from zero to 100, with 50 being the average amount of pain. If you have frequent knee pain with little or no disability resulting from it, you may get a rating for more than 50 points. On the other hand, if your knee pain is severe enough that it affects your ability to walk or work, then it might be rated as high as 100 points.

The severity of your knee pain can also affect how much time you can spend at work each day or whether or not you are able to perform simple tasks at home without assistance such as cooking and cleaning up after yourself (if using crutches).

If you have had any surgery on your knees or feet within five years of applying for benefits then this surgery will also need to be considered when determining how much compensation should be awarded for these injuries during an examination by a doctor chosen by either party (you or the government).


Increase Your VA Disability Rating For Knee Conditions

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