Ankle Joint

The VA’s definition of ankle pain is: “Pain in or around the ankle joint, including the Achilles tendon.” It’s important to note that the VA will not assign a rating for pain that is solely due to arthritis. This is because it is considered a degenerative condition and not directly related to your service-connected disability.

VA Disability for Ankle Joint

The VA assigns a rating of either 20%, 30% or 40% based on how severe your case is. In order for you to receive these ratings, you must have had at least a 50% impairment in your ability to function normally before treatment. If you were injured after being discharged from service, then you must have had at least 20% impairment prior to treatment. If you were injured while serving in active duty but were not given an official diagnosis at that time, then you will be evaluated by comparing your symptoms with those listed above and assigning a percentage based on their similarity.

The most common issues involve proving that your symptoms are consistent with those listed above and/or proving that they have persisted over time despite any treatment provided by doctors.


Increase Your VA Disability Rating For Ankle Pain

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