DBQs For Veteran Disability Claims

What are DBQs?

Disability Benefits Questionnaires or DBQs for Veteran disability claims are downloadable forms developed by the VA for Veterans (like yourself) to collect vital medical information required in the VA disability claims process. 

Essentially, a Veteran would give these DBQs to their healthcare provider to record vital medical information when performing a disability exam. Once completed, the physician would then submit the medical evidence within the DBQ, supporting the Veterans’ claim for disability benefits. 

Therefore, though not required, you have the option to submit medical evidence from your own healthcare provider rather than have the VA potentially under-evaluate your disability condition. 

However, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) will not cover the cost of any expenses you sustain when your healthcare provider completes and submits your DBQs for Veteran disability claims. This is because the VA provides Veterans a no-cost disability examination from their own facilities, so why would you need your own doctor?

We’ll tell you why!

A DBQ allows you to get examined and rated by your own trusted doctor, which helps correctly determine the degree of your disability—leading to a more accurate rating from your end. 

Whereas a VA doctor is with the VA, their relationship is with the VA—not with you.

Pros of DBQs for Veteran Disability Claims

  • More Control over your claim. 
  • Better Relationship with your doctor.
  • Faster Results from your disability claim

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